Forget all the replica’s, this scooter is the only original scooter left that has survived the test of time. It is still in the same condition today as it was when I was lucky enough to ride it during the filming of Quadrophenia in 1978. It’s a bit like a fine wine – it’s mellowed with age – like me – I’ve lost a bit of hair and the chrome has got a little rusty but apart from that the scooter is still the same. It’s a total time warp and everyone loves it. It’s been kept under wraps quite a lot since the filming but due to constant public demand it’s been making appearances on some very special occasions and been on show at some really special events.

The Scooter

The Scooter is a 1963 Lambretta TV200 that I bought in 1969 for £25 when I was too young to ride it. My Dad never wanted me to have a scooter so I had to take it home in bits and hide it in the shed!


The Film

My involvement in the film happened just by chance. Some old bloke down the pub was reading his newspaper and he told me about an article about The Who needing Mods for the filming of Quadrophenia.

Since Filming

Due to continued public demand the scooter has been on show at some prestigious events and locations.